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Our huge selection of tasty cereals can help contribute to balanced diets.

Your patients and clients can enjoy our cereals when they're on the road to recovery


Health 1

Gluten-free breakfasts

Since 22% of people claim to have an allergen or intolerance (5% up on three years ago), it's no wonder that the 'free-form' market has grown by 72% in five years.

We're helping those who can't eat gluten with our tasty 'Go Free' Corn Flakes, Crisp Rice, Coco Rice and Honey Flakes - all certified by Coeliac UK.

We're shaking out sugar and salt

Since 2008, we've removed 80,000 tonnes of sugar, and 6,000 tonnes of salt, from our cereals around the world. 

Nowadays, most of our cereals only have two teaspoons of added sugar or fewer in each 30g bowl. Which is great news as the World Health Organisation says kids are allowed 10 teaspoons of added sugar a day - and adults 12. 

Cereals packed with whole-grain goodness

Whole grains contain more nutrients than grains that have been refined*. That's why we've made them the number one ingredient in most of our cereals! 

As whole grains contain bran - the outer layer of the grain - they're a great source of fibre too. This is brilliant news as high-fibre diets (25-30g a day) protect us us against coronary heart disease, lower blood cholesterol, stabilise blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of several cancers.


Value 2

Breakfast cereal is quick and easy to prepare - as well as being a great value option!

We have a great range of Nestle own label cereals, our 'Nestle Harvest Home' range. The range consists of Corn Flakes, Brain Flakes, Crisp Rice and Choco Rice and all products come in both carton and bulk packs. 

Nestle Cereals are only 24p per serving including milk (based on recommended serving size). 

Our new range of single serve pouches are also great for minimising waste of product as well as having minimal, fully recyclable packaging. Win Win!